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Water Follies Weekend is Back!

Start your engines...boat race weekend is coming to town!

Boat Race weekend has arrived and you've probably heard the sound of the hydroplanes already or seen the boats around town! After taking 2020 off, the Tri-Cities is ready to welcome back the Hapo Columbia Cup. If you have ever spent a summer in Tri-Cities, WA you know that this is an annual event that our community looks forward to each year. It's an incredible sight to see!

"The 2021 HAPO Columbia Cup will mark the 56th time Unlimited Hydroplanes have raced on the Columbia River. This year’s event, like the inaugural in 1966, will most likely have 12 Unlimiteds in attendance. But the modern Unlimited Hydroplane has very little in common with those first boats that churned the waters of the Columbia River. The hydroplanes of today are almost more plane than hydro. They are thirty foot long; 7,000 pound wings that glide over the water with only the bare minimum of the boat making contact with the river. Powered by turbine engines capable of nearly 3,000hp, the boats can reach straightaway speeds close to 200 miles per hour. Qualifying lap averages in the mid 160mph range are common with the faster boats in the fleet. To put it in simpler terms, at speed, an Unlimited Hydroplane will travel more than the length of a football fields in the space of a second."

The Water Follies weekend offers so much to see & do. Grab your lawn chairs, wagons, umbrellas, and plan to head down to the Kennewick, WA side or Pasco, WA side to find a spot on the river bank and watch 3 amazing days of rooster tails and boat races! You can take in the races, grab a cold drink and enjoy one of the many food vendors that will be available at the event. This annual event is a must see for all Tri-Citians and of course we welcome out of town visitors to enjoy our Columbia River festivities too.

Park opens at 8:00am on Friday, July 23rd. Don't miss out on 3 action packed days of hydroplane racing!

For more information about the complete schedule of the 2021 Columbia Cup visit:

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