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Time to Vote for the People's Choice Awards

The Tri-Cities is truly a wonderful place to live for several reasons. When you look through this list of local businesses being voted on, you can see just how much the Tri-Cities is growing and thriving!

Of course, as local residents we know the go-to spots for the best barbecue food, delicious cheesecake, a good variety of wines or specialty martinis, and the best place to catch a few rounds of golf or a hot yoga class. I think it is also safe to say we all have that favorite trusted service provider, such as our favorite local tire shop, the barber shop on the corner or a favorite real estate company. Now is the time to let your voice be heard on your personal local favorites!

Once a year the Tri-City Herald's People's Choice Awards gives residents a chance to recognize their favorite people or places around town. We encourage everyone to vote and most importantly we enjoy seeing our thriving businesses and entrepreneurs being recognized for good work they do in our community!

You can cast your votes here:


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